Family Transitions Triple P parenting programme

This parenting programme is designed to support parents who are making the transition through separation and/ or divorce.  The parenting course helps parents to find ways of coping with their emotions and manage the stresses and demands following separation, manage or reduce conflict, promote their child/children’s development and move towards a new family identity.

The course overview

The course is divided into 5 x 2 hour sessions, which can be set up with a group or arranged on an individual basis at a time that is suitable.  They can be online or in person.  

 The 5 sessions, focus on the following:

1.     The separation/divorce – focusing on the challenges that you face during this transition and how you can make changes to improve your own and your children’s well-being during this time and following separation; how to make as positive a transition as possible through the separation for both parents and children 

2.     Coping with emotions – focusing on how emotions work and how they affect each of you as parents and your children, providing ways of managing unpleasant emotions and finding ways of staying calm in stressful situations.

3.     Coping with emotions – as above, focusing on finding ways to manage emotions and develop coping strategies to use in stressful situations

4.     Managing conflict – focusing on improving communication between you both as parents to improve or establish a co-parenting relationship, developing strategies to deal with and manage conversations with an angry parent so as not to escalate the anger further and finding ways of managing differences of opinion to find mutual solutions that meet the needs of your children 

5.     Balancing work and family – focusing on developing a new family identity as a separated family and creating a plan to give a better balance between work, family and time for one’s self 

Skills based

The course is designed so that it provides appropriate information and skills needed to practise the strategies suggested, as soon as possible.  Parents are asked to reflect on discussions and complete small tasks in between sessions as this increases the benefits parents gain by undertaking the course.

If both parents wish to undertake the course, which is always recommended but not essential, they would not usually attend the course at the same time as each other.  

The Triple P programme, was designed by a team of clinical psychologists at the University of Queensland and has been extensively researched over decades in many different countries and was utilised by the DWP in their reducing parental conflict programme based on the extensive evidence based research. See

Key research findings can be found here:


The costs of the Family Transition Triple P positive parenting programme are:
Group sessions of 4 (min) – 8 (max) parents: £350 per person for 5 x 2 hour sessions
Individual one to one sessions: £750 for 5 x 2 hour sessions

If you as a parent or parents that you are working with in your professional capacity, would like to take part in this programme, please contact Adrienne Cox on or call on 01392 409094 for more information.The programme will be delivered by Adrienne Cox, an accredited Family Transitions Triple P course provider.  For more information about Adrienne, see