Emotional Support

For many people, going through a separation can feel like you are on a roller coaster.  Emotions can feel out of control and it can take time to feel back on solid ground.  How long this takes and how separation affects people, is different in every case.  Counselling or therapeutic support from a specialist, prior to the start of mediation, could assist in helping you feel like you are emotionally ready to start making arrangements with your former partner, in a practical and helpful way.  

Specialist counsellors or therapists can provide support to either individuals or couples in the following areas: 
  • coming to terms with the separation 
  • finding helpful ways of relating to the emotional distress/upset experienced following separation and your feelings towards your former partner
  • protecting your mental health 
  • managing day to day activities 
  • focusing on the future and taking practical steps forward 
  • separating your personal needs from those of your children 
  • focusing on the needs of your children
  • renegotiating your relationship with your former partner as a parent
  • working together in mediation to find mutually acceptable solutions to joint areas of concern following your separation  
The following counsellors/therapists provide some or all of the above types of support:
Please note that these are not specific recommendations and clients should ensure that they feel comfortable with any person that they see and use the BACP or UKAHPP or UKCP websites for the counsellors’ details and qualifications.