Children Support

For children, experiencing their parents’ separation, regardless of age, is extremely difficult.  Many decisions will be made about arrangements that affect them directly and children often feel that these important decisions are made without involving them or asking them how they feel about what is happening.  Children often feel that their parents are less available for them, because they are going through such a difficult time themselves and so this can leave children feeling lonely, sad, angry and hurt.  Children can feel unheard and anxious.  If your children are struggling to cope with your separation or you are concerned about their general well-being, it is important to seek out the right help and support for them.  It is very normal for children to struggle at this time.  They are experiencing an enormous change and are likely to need help to adjust to their ‘new’ lives once parents are living in separate homes. Specialist counselling/therapy can provide support in the following areas:

  • Helping children to come to terms with the separation
  • Helping either individual children or the whole family to process the changes that come with separation 

Here are some specialist services that you may find helpful: