Domestic Abuse Support

Do you feel that you change your behaviour with your partner or former partner because you are frightened of what might happen?  If so, you might be in an abusive relationship.  If you are experiencing abuse of any kind, by your partner or former partner, there are a range of support services available that can help you to find ways to be safe, cope with what is happening to either you, your partner or other member of the family and to change the status quo and start the journey of recovery.

Domestic abuse includes verbal and non verbal abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour, physical, economic, sexual and emotional and psychological abuse.  
If you believe that you may be abusing your partner and would like to speak to someone about how to stop, there are links below to services that specialise in supporting such change.
Mediation should only take place if it is safe for you both to take part.  It is a voluntary process and so both of you should feel able to discuss matters without fear of harm for yourself or your children.  If you are not sure whether this will be possible, call Adrienne Cox, the family mediator at Devon & Exeter Mediation Practice to discuss in more detail.
Use this link to find organisations in your area that support victims of crime: Call 01392 475900 or go to the website at 
Call 999 if in danger or 101 to report abuse.
Some recommended services that are both National and in the Devon area are:
·       Domestic abuse support services
  • Splitz Support Service is a charity that supports people who are currently or who have recently experienced domestic abuse and provides support services in the Devon County Council area.  Call on 0345 1551074 or see their website on
  • SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone) is a charity that supports families to recover from trauma including domestic abuse in Devon area.  Call them on 03030 300112 or see their website at
  • The Mankind Initiative is a charity that supports male victims of domestic abuse.  Call on 01823 334244 or see their website on
  • Respect work with both male victims and male perpetrators to prevent abuse. Call them on 0203 5596650 or see their website at
  • Women’s Aid  Call on 0808 2000 24724 or see their website on
  • North Devon Against Domestic Abuse Call on 01271 321946 or see their website on
  • More Positive Me work with people who have been impacted by Domestic Abuse to help them find the strength and skills to lead fullfilled and happy lives.  See their website on
  • Support Through Court in Exeter Call on 01392 415335 or their national helpline on 0300 0810006 or see their website on
·      Domestic abuse perpetrator support