Why refer to Adrienne Cox at Devon & Exeter Mediation Practice?

In addition to her work as a family mediator, prior to specialising in family mediation, Adrienne was a practicing family law solicitor.  She has been working with separated families for almost 30 years, 20 of which have been as a family mediatior. She is a mediation trainer and was a family law lecturer at the University of Exeter for 13 years.  Adrienne also has had a leading role in the development of professional family mediation standards nationwide, working on the Family Mediation Standards Board for 5 years. The additional knowledge base and specialist mediation skills set her apart from many other mediators.

With your clients' consent, you will be kept informed of the stage that has been reached in mediation and will be sent copies of the Mediation Summaries, Financial Summaries and Memoranda of Understanding.

Obtaining independent legal advice is recommended to all clients throughout the mediation process.

The referral process

If you would like to speak to Adrienne about her work / approach as a mediator or about family mediation at any time please contact her on 01392 409094 or by emailing her at

To make a referral for a MAIM or mediation, you can telephone 01392 409094 or email to

Alternatively, please complete the referral form below and then:

Download the referral form here (PDF)

  • Email to or
  • Post to Devon & Exeter Mediation Practice, The Exeter Business Hub, Queensgate House, 48 Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3SR

An assessment meeting or MIAM (if they are considering making a court application) will be arranged for your client within 7 days. If you would like the partner to be contacted first, please provide contact details and indicate this preference on the form.


Devon & Exeter Mediation Practice is located in Exeter but Adrienne now mediates for clients both nationally and internationally, due to availability and success of online mediaiton. To assist clients, if they wish to meet in person, meetings can also be held at different locations in Exeter, Taunton, Crediton and Okehampton. London mediations can also be arranged.

Costs (not subject to VAT)

All clients will be assessed for free mediation. If clients are not eligible for free mediation, details of costs will be provided to the client during the assessment meeting. Costs information is also set out on the costs page.