Training for Mediators

Effective Screening for Domestic Abuse in Mediation

Trainer: Adrienne Cox

Adrienne is an experienced mediation trainer having trained on mediation foundation training courses and written and presented a number of courses for Resolution on mediation-related topics. Following practice as a family solicitor, she lectured in family law at Exeter University between 2002 and 2013 and has been mediating since 2002. In 2013 Adrienne set up her own mediation practice and has been a member of the Family Mediation Standards Board since its inception in April 2015.

Course objective

Effective and appropriate screening and assessment of mediation suitability is paramount in ensuring positive outcomes in mediation. Research carried out by Anne Barlow and colleagues in ‘Creating Paths to Family Justice’ in 2017 found that “inadequate screening may lead to traumatic mediation experiences and / or unfair or dangerous outcomes.”

This course will provide participants with the skills to carry out more effective screening for domestic abuse, ensuring, as far as possible, that only clients that are suited to the mediation process proceed to mediation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for mediators of all levels.

Course content

  • Exercises to encourage a deeper understanding of domestic abuse in the mediation context
  • Presentation of relevant research to support your practice, including the Australian Family Law Doors (Detection of Overall Risk Screen) tool
  • Sharing of useful questions, approaches and strategies to assist mediators with their assessment of suitability
  • Case study/role play/ fish bowl exercises to provide opportunities to put new skills into practice
  • Supporting clients where decision of not suitable has been made
  • Group discussions to help support best practice

Course duration: 1 day
Cost: £160 per person ( no VAT) - lunch will be provided
CPD: 5 hours
Dates: Exeter 10th April 2019; London 14th May 2019 and Bristol 6th June 2019
Locations: to be confirmed once numbers are known

For further details and booking, please e mail Adrienne Cox at